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Qafàr Rakaakay Qabar kee weeqi qawalaylat inki uddurih addat kaxxam biyaakite

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Maybalaalaqà Caxah alsa 2016


Tah kaaduk qafàr dacrsittoh xiina radeh yan qabaarat luk sugen midir kee maddur keenik yembexeh sugem tamixxigeeh, tahak awqe kal radeh yan roobih weeqa kee barafaay caaco edde mango roobuy cayla leh gadda akkuk geytiman.

Tama maybalalaqa takriyoonu taket xukuta

Afar Region in Ethiopia has been hit by drought and flooding simultaneously

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May 2016Flooding1

It’s well known that the Afar pastoralist have been exposed to the recent drought and lost the majority of their livestock capital. Without recovery from the drought they are now victims of a sudden heavy and snowy rain that flooded the area.

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