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The Afar People’s Party (APP) is a registered Political Party in Ethiopia for Democracy, Justice and Sustainable development. APP envisions the formation self-reliant Afar Regional State in Ethiopia, wherein the process of decision-making and agenda setting is retained by Afar regional parliament and Afar traditional authorities. Furthermore, APP envisions the creation of a region wherein all human beings enjoy full respect of democratic and human rights, durable economic prosperity and social justice, and the respect of the citizen’s life, safety and human dignity. APP is a result of current regimes accounts on social injustice, unequal economic prosperity, Human Rights abuse and land grabbing policy that systematically excludes the pastoralist majority. APP believes that stability, security and prosperity can only be achieved when Afars work in unison with all Ethiopians on equal footings and not as a subordinate.


The primary mission of APP is the realization of accountable political system in which government power and political authority is assumed through peaceful and democratic process based on the free will and choice of citizens.


  • Establish an inclusive and fair political system that safeguards individuals’ and people’s rights, enhances sustainable economic, social and environmental policies that are applicable beyond the Afar Region;
  •  Establish a system where good governance, accountability, and transparency are exercised through a people-centered decision making mechanism;
  • Secure a full-fledged Afar Regional State within a genuine federal system of Ethiopia. This further implies implementing self-rule within a federal arrangement, whereby the Afar people’s political, economic, social and territorial particularities are protected and nurtured;
  • Primarily invest on food security, poverty reduction and peace building with neighboring Regional States and; thereby resolve the issue of territorial integrity as well as embark on mutual development schemes;
  • Inject hope in and create enabling environment for generations to come.
  • Preserve Afar cultural assets and traditional institutions that guided the Afar society since time immemorial.


Forming an alliance with other political parties/groups/forces/popular fronts, reducing and gradually eliminating tension among various opposition political groups. With a view of achieving national stability through a political system characterized by a broad-based political framework.

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