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The interminable Issa-Somali attack on the Afars

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It is needless to recall that for several decades, the Afar people have been constantly attacked, on their own territory, by the Issa-Somali. These attacks have intensified in recent years, killing and injuring dozens of people every day. Every day. Even today Friday, June 25, 2021, the Issa-Somali attacked the locality of Yangudi Raasa and the attack continues as we write this short statement.

At a time when all Ethiopians, and the whole world, are concerned about the elections and the political and economic future of the country, the Issa-Somali are trying to take advantage of the situation to strengthen their attacks with financial, human and material support provided by the Issa dominated government of the Republic of Djibouti. The Afar people find themselves in a situation of survival on their land. Thus, the Issa-Somali disturb not only the fragile stability of the country but also of the whole region.

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