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Dr Konte Mussa’s speech at the Ethiopian National Movement public meeting, Las Vegas (in Amharic)

Dr Konte Mussa spoke about APP’s program, about the political, economic and social situations in Ethiopia in general, and in Afar land in particular (in Afar)

Dr Konte Mussa exposes, with humor and lucidity, the necessity of knowing each other, to unite and form a political movement to dislodge the dictatorial regime of Woyane (in Amharic)

Dr Konte Mussa and Dr Abdella Abdo were interviewed by ESAT in Washington (in Amharic)

Dr Abdellah Abdo APP’s secretary interview (in Afar)

Dr Konte Mussa spoke about the Unfounded Accusation of Peace Talks with Ethiopian Government (in Amharic)

Bad governance (xintoh umaane) in Ethiopia in general and in Afar land in particular, by Dr Konte Mussa Chairman of Afar People’s Party (in Afar)