Condolences and Solidarity message to Bishoftu Massacre

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 October 4, 2016

Afar People’s Party is dismayed by the mass killing of our Oromo brothers in Bishoftu, while celebrating the Irrecha seasonal holyday. This act of state-terror and coward action on civilian population is a testimony for that the Woyane regime is falling apart and the situation is getting out of its control. It’s time to make sense of the causes, the causes that people are scarifying their lives for all over the country. Many heroic Ethiopians have been killed, prisoned, tortured and driven from their homes because they merely voiced their grievances and said No to social injustice and said Yes for human dignity.

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One comment on “Condolences and Solidarity message to Bishoftu Massacre

  1. i have no word to express what was happened on my beloved nation. we have no time to wait any more of genocide. we fight for our freedom and right until one person left on oromia so i hope all Ethiopia citizens will stand with us to safe future Ethiopia generation. we never give up for any massacre of our nation. the is coming to us all.

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