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Unlawful and arbitrary arrest of Rashid Saalih

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April 09, 2018

At the dawn of the reforms promised by the Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed, the Afar People’s Party would like to bring the disappearance of Mr Rashid Saalih to the attention of Afar people and international community.

Mr Rashid Saalih, an employee of Samara University, has been kidnapped by federal security forces four months ago and his whereabouts are unknown. Mr Rashid is known as a very decent person who has challenged the corruption and looting of the resources of Samara University. Information indicates that his disappearance might be linked to the exposure of the sources of the alleged fire at the main storage building of Samara University on 29 December 2016. Those who know the internal structure of corruption at the university testified that the motive of the fire has been to cover up the unfolding of fraud and mismanagement of the university’s budget.

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