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The Denied National Election and its Mockery in Ethiopia

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The Afar People`s Party (APP) would like to draw your attention to the fifth national election intended to take place in May 2015 Ethiopia.  In all its earlier cases the attempt to promote democracy through free and fair elections failed due to government harassments, arrests and killings, cover up by the systematic fraud managed by the ruling TPLF-led government. Thus, the result of the coming artificial election is known long before the election was carried out. The future democratic direction of the nation remains gloomy since the current regime has opted for non-competitive and oppressive sinister manoeuvre to cling into power. This critical situation in Ethiopia is well-known both inside the country and beyond. The shrinking democratic space, human rights abuse and unequal distribution of wealth and power in the country have raised the international concern. As a result most of international organizations have declined to participate as observers of the election.

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