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GoFundMe Solidarity with Afar People!

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Since Dr Abiy Ahmed became to power, Ethiopia is undergoing major reforms. There is a genuine attempt to build strong institutions that will strengthen democracy, stability, justice, accountability and rule of law. Most of regional states are implementing the reform process. However, in the Afar region, the old guards are still repressing the entire population by using disproportionate force and arresting the people who are peacefully ask for change. The Afar people are struggling for and would like the current reform agenda in Ethiopia also to be carried out in their region.

Afar People’s Party (APP) call upon all Ethiopians to stand with Afar people and support our struggle for freedom and democracy to prevail in the region and in all parts of Ethiopia. Let us stand together and show solidarity with Afar people of Ethiopia.

Support APP by donating. We will appreciate any amount of your donation.

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